Who we Are

Who we Are

I originally started this site because I was an agent looking for a reliable pay per head sports book software service provider.

What I found was a market that was hard to navigate. Many sites existed as fronts for the same business. Many review sites are owned by the very price per head companies they are reviewing. This is obviously not great.

So after over a month of calling a few dozen PPH shops, I created a list of the main ones with my notes. This list was private and never intended to be shared with anyone. I chose a price per head shop and moved on with my life.

But a few months later, a friend asked me about which per head shop to choose. So I sent him my notes via email. He LOVED them.

That gave me the idea to share my notes with others. And over time things have grown.

Where we Stand Now

After putting up my site, I left it online and people used it… A LOT.

One day a few of my friends and I were hanging out in one of the many bars in Antigua and we had the idea; why not create a TRUE per head resource.

Something that went beyond just a few reviews. Something where we organized events, published news, created in depth guides and more. Something we could really be proud of. A way of giving back to the community. And that is how we hired a couple of programmers and now have what we believe is the #1 independent resources for price head bookies.