Vision and Values

Vision and Values

Our vision is to create the #1 repository of price per head bookie resources. Whether you are an agent, customer, master agent, programmer, rep or other, we want our site to be the first step in searching for all things PPH.

We believe the industry and eveyone in it will benefit by having more and more open communication. That is why we work hard at organizing some of the best meetups and parties in the industry.

With over 20 years experience in the industry, we have a vast network of contacts and friends that help supply us with the last Price per head news and information.

If you are currently employed in the industry, or are a sports fan that is looking to get started as an employee, you can check our careers section. We also suggest you find one of our parties to attend. Not all the parties will be open to new people, but there are several each month that are. We have seen several people get hired on the spot in these gatherings. The industry is really starved for talent.


  • Honesty – Our industry is one where your word is all you have. That is why we will never compromise our honesty.
  • Integrity – Integrity is an easy value to talk about, but hard to maintain. We need to be true to our vision and objectives.
  • Long Term Commitment – We need to think about the long term and never risk that for a short term reward.