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When I first opened up this site I though; my god this is the worst design I have ever seen. But once I got into it, they blew me away in every way possible. That is why I currently have most of my own players at

Agent Line Management

This is one thing that really blew me away about their software. The ability to manage lines is just crazy. I mean, you can edit lines for all players or just some.

You can hard shades or soft (so that the shade moves with the underlying line moves, or ‘hard’ means that the line edition will not move itself.

You can turn off individual games or whole sports, you can even edit the lines on parlays to pay  less than the total that would normally pay (say you can set a parlay payout at 80% of standard payout, this would really boost your juice and profits)

We recommend you don’t play too much with the lines unless you really know what you are doing – however, it is important for most Price per Head agents to reduce parlay payouts – especially if they choose to follow something like Pinny or DSI, in which you would like not want to be allowing guys to place crazy high payout wagers.

Sportsbook Games and Betting Options

This is one area where they really blew me away. You get normal professional sports, sure, that’s something that everyone offers.

But they they add in really complete college package. And live betting. And Euro lines, with thousands of soccer and odd ball matches. And live betting on thousands of constantly available euro games. They even seem to have some really odd and cool prop bets.

All of these sports options really boosted my bottom line. Especially for my whale players, I saw a dramatic uptick in wagers placed.

Non Sports Betting Options

These guys offer some of the best per head rates and best options for non-sports players – you can offer Live Casino and regular DGS casino as part of a flat fee package.

Their casino package must be updated, as I saw a lot of games that aren’t on other operator’s DGS casino games. I think they also included AmigoTech games (parent company Aristocrat games), which means your players will have way more slots and table game options than most agent packages offer.

If your players are like mine, you will likely make a killing on this, as my whales don’t trust regular live casino, and I hate the some places charge up to 35% of ‘net revenue’ ASIDE from my PPH fees. This sound just plain greedy to me now.

Custom Price per Head Software

These guys have a modified version of DGS’s price per head software. You can tell they really invested a lot into making the absolute best software on the market. When I need to create new players or even sub agents and their players, it takes me no longer than a few minutes to input the options.

If I need to pull reporting, player or sub-agent, I can easily see my numbers for each week and give my guys the option to do a hard cut off or have carry overs – I personally like my hard cut off, as it keeps guys on their toes – I do let anything under $500 slide, but most of my guys ain’t into playing for pennies.

Agent Websites

Something that I really like about these guys is that they charge a very upfront fee and then don’t nickle and dime you. This is a huge contrast to some other providers, where you might click through expecting to pay $1 and then when you get set up realize you are paying $10, 12 or even $15 per head from a site that advertises $1.

But not with Price per Head, these guys give you free custom bookie websites. That means I get to choose my own domain. I found this point really exciting. They even designed a little logo for my own sportsbook page. I put a big smile on my face and also makes sure my guys will never get mixed up with anyone else.

PPH Security

This is another area where Price per Head really stands out. Not only do they have a regular SSL, but the company invested in an Enterprise level version and has ensured that all CND delivered images and other website resources are delivered over SSL.

This means that when you send information back and forth on this company website, you can be sure that it isn’t being intercepted.

They also offer one of the best in house ’email’ systems I’ve ever seen. They allow you to communicate with your customers and have your messages show up either in your customer’s inbox, or have it force shown upon entering – this will make it so your guys can never say ‘but I didn’t see it’ – because if they log in and play, you know they clicked away the message.

The company also makes sure to contact you about payment issues via their own internal messaging system.

When I contacted them about where they host their internal messages, they said they do so in their own office to ensure complete bookie privacy.


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