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NOTICE: Pay price per Head was sold to – is a very old brand in the industry. We don’t currently have a review on them, but hope to publish one soon.


Pay Price Per Head is one of the older shops in the market. But unlike other shops which enjoyed their position to extract as much profit from their operation as possible, P-P-PH as they are know decided to plunge a lot of their profits back into their pay per head sportsbook. And boy did it pay off.

These guys have their own custom software, hell, they even built their own building. You can tell that whoever is in charge of this shop, really cares about quality and providing the best possible service for bookies.

Reps are really well trained. When we called in, we spoke to a guy name Jack who really knew about the business and could answer all of our questions, from the cost of live casino, digital casino, horses, parley cards, poker, etc. He knew how to explain the type of poker and the set up they offer. He knew more than I was expecting about spotting sharps. He explained how the owner himself spent almost 2 months training him on all the aspects of the business.

If there is one thing I can take away from having contacted this shop is that the owner seems to think in a professional, corporate mentality, which is a breath of fresh air in an industry where bad behavior and out of control organizations seem to be the standard and not the exception. Reliability

This is one area where this shop really stood out. These guys know how to keep everything humming along. When there was a major underwater cable change and all their competitors were down, these guys kept on keeping. When there was a major earthquake in CR, they kept on keeping. When the lights go out, when the internet goes out, when… whatever, it seems these guys are ready for it.

We have not managed to record a single moment of downtime for this shop. We are sure they have downtime, as well shops have to, but damn are they good at keeping things running.

Digital and Live Casino

This place offers some really great digital and live casino games. And we think this is great. We viewed the software and we know that type of software makes customers bet more. There is no doubt about that. But we do believe they charge TOO MUCH for casino. Sure they only want 5% for digital casino, but we feel that is too much.

Still, the advantages of using far, far outweigh any possible disadvantages. This is, by far and large, the best PPH shop we have found.

If for some reason you don’t like their offering, we suggest you see our reviews of and – They are also top notch books with great service, but slightly different benefits and downsides to this one.

This is our #1 rated book. If you go with we are sure you will love the software and service you receive.

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