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NOTE: It is our understanding that Offshore Sports Center was sold to Bovada.

Since this property was sold to Bovada, we suggest you try on of our top price per head sites.

Offshore Sports Center is one of the older per head shops still on the market. These guys have been around since the 90s. And it shows in their expertise. It seems this is one shop that really knows what they are doing.

The downside is that they are a dollar or two more expensive than the average per head shop, but this is something most bookies should be able to make back 100x given the advanced features and betting options this pay per head provider offers. Betting Options

This is probably the single most impressive feature of this pay per head provider. They have more betting options than any other PPH shop currently on the market. Part of this is thanks to the fact that they develop their own software, which means they include new and unique options that other shops would have a very hard time imitating:

  • Poker
    Poker is a great way to make extra money both on season and off season. Even though casinos are much more widely available, poker is still not easily available to the average person. So it makes sense that you offer this feature. The best part is you don’t risk your position. You earn rake, no matter who wins or who loses. So there is really no reason to not offer this. With you get this easily to use profit boosting feature. Only about 1 in 20 PPH sites offer this.
  • Casino
    Casino is another great way to make extra money. At OffshoreSportsCenter you get one of the most advanced digital casinos to offer to your players. Let them play all major slots games as well as table games. Given that the average casino game has a 5% house edge, you should see $5 for every $100 wagered.
  • Live Casino
    Live casino is a great way to get casino whales to loosen up with your casino offering. Many big bettors don’t like to place large sums of money on a digital casino game. Some people simply view it as a glorified video game. But no one can say this about live casino. With live casino your players can see the cards being shuffled and fanned as well as the roulette wheel being spun LIVE, over a webcam from Costa Rica. So you won’t get any more complaints about ‘rigged’ software… since it can’t be!
  • Parley Cards
    Another essential feature for catering to square and highly profitable players.
  • Office Pools
    We know of agents that make good money from this feature, especially by attracting new customers with it.
  • Lottery
    Lottery is a gold mine. But we don’t mean playing lottery, which has a hold of over 50%. We mean letting your players bet on it. Offshore Sports Center allows you to offer lottery betting on all major US and Canadian brands.
  • Horses
    Some guys just can’t get enough of the pony’s, and some bookies just can’t figure out what to do with all their racetrack earnings.
  • Live Betting
    Here at we believe the future of betting is in live betting. And now you can offer this to your players without having to invest in major software and personnel expenses.


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