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NOTICE: was sold to – Read our Pay per head review to get the full scope on the new system that is offered under this brand. is part of the surviving old school bookies that first set up in Costa Rica. This is one of those companies that really invested and stayed on top of industry trends to become one of the better price per head call center and software providers on the market.

So let us analyse all the pros and cons of this shop: PPH Software

This is one aspect where this provider really shines. They created their own software. And while yours truly is a big fan of DGS because of all the years of working with it, I have to say this is actually better. Not only that, this software is ROCK SOLID. We have been monitoring their uptime for the last year and we have not had 1 minute of recorded downtime. That is incredible. The closest competitor to them in terms of reliability had 6 minutes of downtime in the last year.

These guys really shine in their sports betting software. As a bookie you will have access to over 50 different reports to help you manage cash flow, keep track of wagers, find big bets, find sharps and more.

The call center software must also be of high quality, because every time I called in it sounds crisp and clear. In fact, I don’t get such good calls here in the US from AT&T!


Offshore Call Center Pay per Head Costs

The pay per head costs of this book are very reasonable. Sure there are cheaper books out there, but if you want to go below $10/head, you’ll be dealing with A LOT of crappy providers who have no idea what they are doing. Trust me, as a bookie you can’t afford to have mis graded games, lazy lines, or incompetent staff.

If you are a bookie for a while, you will soon deal with mumblers; guys calling in a bet and they mumble some important part. Then when the game is over, if they win, they won’t say anything, and if they lose they will say the bet was not placed correctly because when they mumbled they mentioned some unexpected thing that invalidated the whole wager.

I’ve had guys like this call in to and they didn’t take shit. They forced the guy to spell out his bet so he couldn’t pull that shit.

So yeah, at $10/head it isn’t a great deal, but given the quality of their systems, this is the best deal on the market!

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