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247/7 PPH is a run of the mill price per head provider. They are not very well established, not very expensive, not particularly cheap… just average in every aspect of the word. Even their web design is rather average and not very attractive.

So let’s get into it, shall we?

 247PPH Sportsbook Software

One of the most important aspects of a price per head provider is the sportsbook software they use. In the case of 247, they are using DGS with some level of customization. Unfortunately, being tied intot he DGS means they are not able to fully customize or be as flexible with agents as they would like. They really work hard here and they deserve credit for that. But they are ultimately limited by their software. So that is one downside to this PPH company.

247 PPH Reliability

Again, this shop is full of good intentions. They have a really committed owner and some top tech guys. But given that they are a smaller pay per head shop, they have been experiencing lots of downtime. Here at PricePerHeadSite we estimate this is because of a limited budget they have for servers and internet connections.

Some of the larger shops can keep up to 4 back up connections ready in case one ISP goes down. They also have server rooms with investments in the mid 6 to low 7 figure range.

So while 247PPH works hard at ensuring reliability of service, and they for the most part get it right, there are much better places to book action with that charge the same rates these guys do. Even paying a little more is worth the ability to service clients ANY time, even during crunch time, but given that you can get this increased reliability for no extra cost, we strongly suggest bookies check our other ratings first.

Also, a way to verify just how good these guys are is to get a demo account from them a few other shops and see which you prefer. Although this is a lot of work and you can take advantage of the fact that we already did the leg work for you, you are welcome to verify it yourself. You will find on the top right hand side a guide to see how to compare PPH software providers.

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